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Nicest Person was created in 2008 by Fred Sexton to be the "Digg site for nice people". The functionality of the site has always had issues: First Pligg, the CMS which was used originally, wasn't easy to modify, had some annoying bugs, and was getting bombed by spam bots. Over arching though is that a good theme and presentation couldn't be put together by Fred. Using Pligg, the site really never went anywhere.

Fred still really liked the idea of the site and hoped that it would encourage people to be (more) nice. Perhaps, people will put Nicest Person on their resumes as it speaks to their bubbly personality.

In April 2011 Fred gave Nicest Person a second try. Rebuilding the site using WordPress as the CMS. The theme used to run Nicest Person is called Nominate and is sold via Pro Theme Design. Check out the Nominate features here. WPVote runs entirely using the nominate theme. The only extra is a small plugin that adds some custom styles to the site. These styles allow me to create a different look without modifying the core functionality. Everything else is pure, 100%, unadulterated, Nominate theme code.

How it works

WPVote works just like any other social bookmarking site:

  • User creates their account
  • User submit stories about a superb act of kindness they received
  • If other users enjoy the story, they vote for it
  • If the story has 5 votes or more, it is promoted to the homepage as a featured article
  • The weekly winner is the story with the highest votes from the week starting Monday at 12:00 AM US Eastern Time to  Sunday 11:59:59 PM EST US Eastern Time


  • Only stories related to acts of niceness can be published on Nicest Person.
  • No affiliate links.
  • No spam.
  • Only stories in ENGLISH are allowed.

If you break theses rules, your story and your account will be deleted.

About the Owner

My name is Fred Sexton. I am a search engine aficionado, full time  entrepreneur, avid cyclist. By day I am the Director of Account Managment at, and by night I work on hobby sites such as this one.