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Asus M51Sr Series Laptop Battery and Charger Replacement

Submitted by on August 11, 2012

9-Cell notebook rechargeable li-ion battery Asus M51Sr fits laptop module Asus F2 F3 M51 Z53 Series, compatible original battery type 90-NI11B1000 90-NI11B1000Y 90-NI11B2000Y 90-NIA1B1000 A32-F3 A33-F3 3UR18650F-2-QC-11 90-NE51B2000 90-NFV6B1000Z 90-NFY6B1000Z 90NITLILD4SU1 A32-Z94 A32-Z96 S9N-0362210-CE1.

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