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Submitted by on April 25, 2014

Xinda is also engaged in LVDS screen wire cables, namely a type of wire cables with Low-Voltage Differential Signaling for transmission in TV and computer screen connection. LVDS wire cables demonstrate more instrumental techniques.

The wire cables acquire quite reliable signal transission by integrated to system-level IC; More than that, the wire cables show a kind of lower than 2V electrical power and voltage compatibility. More specific, it doesn’t emit much noise with its strong noise suppression.
The product data speed ratio ranges from several hundred Mbps to 2Gbps by LVDS technology. By studying the LVDS wire cable’s theory further, we can find that the reception port output turns 1, coversely 0 then, when putting a load at the reception port the gain voltage and current flow by forward direction. And his is driven by electrical current virtually.

With the swing ranges from 250mv-450mv, this technology is generally based on ANSI/TIA/EIA-644LVDS interface standard.

LVDS screen wire cables can be generally used in LED TV and computer LCD monitor products. The LCD looks flat, smooth and soft. The design is simple and makes you feel comfortable. For the LVDS screen cable the LCD connects with, is especially customized for this computer’s LCD screen. The LVDS screen cable perfectly matches the style of the LCD in size, pattern and color. The tiny LVDS cable transfers good signal for the output from the computer.

By high-class thermoprint, TV manufacturers make the shell and frame for the living room sytle TV. Other than a good-looking design for the appearance and frames mostly, the cables used in the circuits have also been upgraded. The new LVDS screen cables enable the TV to transfer signal more precisely and more stably.

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