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Nicest Flexible Flat Cables in Digital Camera

Submitted by on June 9, 2014

Olympus Digital Camera installs a 4 times optical zooming function, 25mm wide-angle lens, making it competent for far and near shooting. The newly-designed lens with Olympus XZ series precise techniques, not only gurantees the quality of high definition, but also is able to avaid all kinds of deviation of image.

Additionally, Olympus improved the circuit cables inside the camera much. In order to function the protective proerties well, Olympus use new FFC cables which connects steadily. And the soft, light, thin and tiny cables are responsible for the good signal transmission. Being so thin, it shrinks the volume of the camera. More importantly, the fine cables keep the operation of the camera stable.

Made of insulated materials and thin tin-plating flat copper by means of prodution pressing by high technology automatization devices, FFC is quite flexible, bendable, foldable, thin, tiny, and it's easy to connect and assemble and disassemble.
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