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Submitted by on April 25, 2014

According to national regulation, employers have to pay workers allowance for high temperature under the circumstance that they arrange workers to work outdoors in hot weather( the maximum daily temperature reaches 35℃ or above) and that they are not able to reduce the temperature to less than 33℃.

Here is a piece of negative news about allowance for high temperature below:

In some working site in the city, although it’s against the law to schedule the work under such terribly hot weather, the employers force workers to continue for fear that they might fail the time limit for the project. The next thing is, some workers went down even they took heatstroke pills.

A senior doctor from local Armed Police Force Hospital makes an announcement that outdoor workers must take good care of themselves, they should take precautionary measures to keep off the burning sun, keep ventilation and keep interval rest.

More and more engineers and technical workers use simple protective devices which puts them in danger during their work outdoors.

In order to solve such problems, engineering device manufacturers develop a kind of convenient measuring instrument which is covered and protected by a unique portable instrument shell. With this shell, workers can feel free to use the measuring instrument precisely and safely under all kinds of bad weather or poor circumstances.

It’s wise for workers to quit the complicated and dangerous simple devices they used to carry. Now they only have to operate the measuring devices with their hands.

Virtually, national regulations and laws can stop unfair, illegal and unsafe operation for outdoor work. But somehow, workers still suffer the dangerous work in order to get paid. Nonetheless, if we can change the difficulties of the outdoor work itself by high technologies, things will turn out fine for outdoor workers. I think this is what outdoor workers need the society to help them.

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