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What type of LED lights with the brightest?

Submitted by on March 30, 2014

SMD LED lights with no country or industry under a unified model, named after the various manufacturers themselves. Common SMD LED light with two LED, one is 3528, a large patch size than the 5050,5050 3528, generally brighter than the 3528's, but in fact the same is 5050 or timely 3528, the brightness is not the same, different brightness values ​​of the chip is not the same, generally speaking, the brighter the more expensive chips. Timely two different manufacturers, using the same chip made ​​out of lights, may not be the same brightness, LED is a current of the device, the greater the current, the higher the brightness, the brightness in order to pursue a number of manufacturers and low cost, will increase current improve brightness, life will be a lot worse, especially in white. So to solve your problem: select some domestic manufacturers of the 5050 regular lights, asked the clerk to provide product specifications, compare flux values ​​on the various manufacturers specifications, generally a large number of lumens high brightness, of course, do not forget considering the half-life perspective.

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